Padel, a rapidly growing discipline
Padel is a fun game that can be played by people of different ages, sexes, technical and physical conditions.

It is an advantageous discipline for all sportsmen: it can be a reason for fun and it can also simply be an opportunity to meet and "get together"; at the same time it can become a valid motor activity without aggressive movements to keep fit; it can be an activity practiced by the whole family; it can be rewarding in terms of sporting results.

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Do you want to learn the game of Padel?

At our facility you can learn the basics of the game and perfect your practice with private group lessons.
We organize Padel courses in order to initiate and / or improve the members to practice this sport and to a subsequent competitive preparation.
It is possible to arrange private lessons with our instructors, individual or collective (max 4 people per field).
There are also courses for children from 6 to 12 years old.
For information and registration contact us.

How to play

The rules of Padel

It is played in pairs, so four players are needed. The player who receives is positioned as happens in tennis, that is diagonally and to the opposite side of the one who beats. Before hitting the ball you have to wait for it to bounce once on the floor. The flying ball cannot touch either the metal part or the walls of the opponent's court. Of course, you will be able to hit the volleyball (aka fly), before it bounces off the floor, except in response to the serve. Padel unlike tennis, allows you to use the walls of the playing field until you cross the net and arrive on the opponent's field.
The score is the same as in tennis, and you can score a point:

  • When the opponent bounces the ball twice on the floor;
  • When the opponent hits the walls of your court without first bouncing it on the ground;
  • When the ball hits the player or any object except the racket;
  • When the opponent hits the ball several times in the same response or serve;
  • When the opponent hits the metal nets of his field.